Dashboard – June 2 – 6, 2014







MONDAY:   The Apple stock split, the WWDC meeting, ECB rates, Employment Report and more this week but will any help convincingly create new record highs?

TUESDAY:     The market looking to start the morning counter to its usual Tuesday trend in the absence of any real news until Thursday morning

WEDNESDAY:  With ambivalent employment statistics from ADP in advance of Friday’s Employment Situation Report the market is probably going to  reserve itself for tomorrow’s ECB interest rate decision and probably has little reason to reverse its mild pre-open weakness.

THURSDAY:    More S&P 500 records yesterday and today the ECB doesn’t disappoint. That’s a formula for a big yawn in preperation for the market’s open this morning.

FRIDAY:  Employment Situation Report comes in as expected and now more employed than pre-recession. Market yawns, but so did it after yesterday’s ECB announcement, at first.




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